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Sugar and Complex Carbohydrates


Nutrition Education:

From the Carb-Counting Point of View

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Closeup of a Petri Dish
Closeup of a Petri Dish

Petri Dish
Petri Dish

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube
Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Closeup of a Petri Dish
Closeup of a Petri Dish

Statistics for Type II Diabetes

and pre-diabetes in the U.S.

Resources for Information on Preventive Measures to Lower Your Risk Factors

Written from the calorie-counting perspective - simple sugar and complex carbohydrates.

There is a wealth of information on this webpage that is very useful for making healthy lifestyle choices.

Information and General Education in the History of Diabetes

The Diabetes Council - Information Resource

Stats and References for Risk Factors

Statistics on American’s Sugar Consumption

Information and General Eduction in Diabetes

Type 3 Diabetes? and Alzheimer’s Disease?  An interesting conversation.

Calorie Counting and Journaling

Journaling what you eat is the easist way to track the food that you use.

One of the top rated apps for journaling is ​MyFitnessPal.  This is a great starting point.

What is Calorie Counting and Why Do It?

If you are consuming too many carbs during the day and are not normally active, you body will store the carbohydrates.

Below is a link to what we mean by simple sugar and complex carbohydrates.


Part of the Toolbox - Relevant Tools and Information

Tools to Track Nutrition and Calorie-Counting

Body Mass Index Information (BMI)

A quick test to estimate your risk level for certain nutrient related disease.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Healthy Weight Tools. 

BMI Information from Second Source

Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

Harvard T.H.Chan - Pubic School of Health

Glycemic Index

Harvard Medical School - Glycemic Index for 100 foods.


Topics in Biochemistry

The Microbiome and Links to Nutrition